Financial kiosk

The latest generation of self-service financial kiosks.

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Financial kiosk

Hyber Z-02 is the latest generation, self-service financial kiosk with cards distribution and facial recognition and biometric ID verification. The device is designed to automatically and impersonally support many sales and after-sales activities for commercial entities and public administration.


  • Multicurrency banknotes and coins acceptance (recycling)

  • Giving change in banknotes and coins (recycling).

  • Cash is stored in secure containers with the possibility of transferring it to CIT service.

  • POS terminal (CHIP&PIN, magstripe, contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

  • ID advanced scanner (passports, personal documents, driving licenses)

  • Barcode reader (2D/3D)

  • ID-1 card dispenser (read/write feature using RFID, chip or magnetic stripe).

  • Automatic facial recognition based on biometric features

  • Thermal printer with a presenter

  • Automatic reporting to the ZTMS system via LAN or GSM

  • Reporting for billing purposes (sold services and goods, cash flows, etc.)


can be successfully used in many industries, such as:

finance and insurance

postal services

public administration


city transport


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