Smart Safe

The device will streamline the cash handling process in every business.

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Smart Safe

SmartSafe Mark-2a business integration with a smart safe will streamline the cash handling process while eliminating deposit errors, forgeries and secure envelope declarations.

SmartSafe provides security against liquidity loss and streamlines the cash management process in the company.


  • Information on online deposits with the possibility of booking them in the customer’s bank account on the same day

  • Acceptance of banknotes in accordance with European Central Bank guidelines

  • Capacity of cassettes for 1200 or 2200 banknotes

  • Optional automatic banknote feeder

  • Immediate validation of banknotes during deposit

  • Electronic lock or certified key

  • PCI PTS 3.0 compliant

SmartSafe Mark-2

means, first and foremost:

Reducing theft and shortages

Increasing efficiency

Improving safety

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