I'm Weeboo.
I help to introduce kids to saving and money management in a world of cashless payments.

What is Weeboo

Innovative money box specially created to introduce kids into the world of cashless payments.

What is its purpose

Helps kids understand the mechanisms behind saving money and personal budget management.

The idea behind it

Our mission was to listen to the needs of every parent and provide them with a solution which meet their expectations.

A breakthrough colours all around.

One size. Five colours.

It's more than just a money box! Weeboo comes in many amazing colours and adapts to everyone's mood. Apart from that, Weeboo takes the payment experience to a whole new level. And that's just the beginning.


Fun & Learning

It's more than just a money box!



Our solution allows you to reward your child immediately, thanks to a simple and intuitive mobile and web interface.



Using our electronic money box is absolutely safe and allows you control the way your children spend their pocket money.



Saving money with our interactive money box combines fun and education like never before.



A payment card in the form of a wearable NFC wristband or a classic plastic card can be issued for each Weeboo money box.

Multi-platform management system

Our solution makes giving your kids pocket money simple. Just visit the website or use our mobile app and send funds from your regular card to your Weeboo account.

Smart payments

We are able to connect Weeboo with almost every smart payment device there is on the market and make paying easier. NFC tags, smart watches, key rings or stickers – choose one and bring joy to your kids!

How it works

It just works.
It's easier than easy.

You can quickly start helping your kid learn the basics of saving and money management. All it takes is three simple steps, and cashless payments will start becoming natural for your child.

Step 1/3
Get Weeboo along with a payment card. Download the mobile app on your phone and activate the card. Connect the Weeboo to your home wi-fi network.
Step 2/3
Fund Transfer
Transfer funds to the Weeboo account using our mobile app. Your child will notice immediately as the amount on the display changes.
Step 3/3
Now take your child and go shopping together. Let the kid use the Weeboo card to make cashless payments at any place where credit cards are accepted.