Based on years of experience in the financial and retail industries, we are able to provide professional substantive support, including analysis for branch and self-service banking process optimization. We provide comprehensive strategies that enable organizations to take full advantage of their capabilities in a rapidly growing market. Our consulting services include products, software, services, localization, and integration.
We support the dynamic development of your company. As a part of the outsourcing IT we provide you with the continuity of service, effective and rapid response to the notification, data security and expert advice in the field of IT as well as the assist in the development of infrastructure according to the needs of Client’s company. IT application solutions assume responsibility for all change processes and support the technology throughout the software’s lifecycle.
Implementation & Support
Our development and implementation services provide solutions based on standardized processes, managing suppliers and delivering global capabilities for staging terminals and systems. Our support services focus on maintaining banking systems and components, proactive monitoring and rapid resolution of occurring incidents through an on-site visit or remote services. We provide the best service for our own systems and we also provide the same high level of service for products made by other manufacturers.
United Kingdom