Customer service via video-chat

Small self-service POS terminal

Cash recycler

Currency exchange

biometric ID verification

Card dispenser

Coin changer and recycler

Advanced solutions for secure cash handling

Multicolor LED lighting

All in one. Finally.

Designed to bring closer the future.

Hyber is the answer to everything a finance related business may need and more. A multifunctional and secure cash machine with video customer service, Hyber takes automated transactions to another level.

 ATM    id verification    customer service 
 self checkout    currency exchange  

View from each side.

Included main features we’re proud of.

Ideal for use in the following industries:

Finance & Insurance

Automation and digitalization of the economy and society is one of the most dynamic changes of our time, opening up new opportunities for business models. Hyber fits perfectly into these trends allowing the automation of sales and teller services in banking and insurance sector.


Our kiosk with integrated barcode scanner can speed checkout, optimize floor space, improve cash management and security. Self-checkout can transform your business and allow to allocate human resources toward higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Government Institutions

Today's citizens expect convenient, innovative ways to interact with their government to get the services they need. Taxes, fines, stamp duties - Hyber will allow citizens to pay with cash, mobile or credit card in municpal office facility for any public service.


Healthcare sector is one of the biggest potential arenas in which most people wouldn't mind seeing more automation. Hyber will provide fast, convenient and secure customer ID verification, different payment methods and cross-sell opportunities.

Postal Services

Postal service around the world are looking for ways to make their clients' visit less of a hassle. And we have what they need - our self-service kiosk can be used to pay bills, top up a mobile phone, pay for fares or even transfer money to relatives.

Public transport

A global vision for public mass transport has been set – it should be intelligent, interconnected, sustainable and cost-effective for both users and operators. Hyber fits perfectly into these trends providing customer-friendly self service ticket sales at stations, bus stops and in malls.

Key benefits
Made with your flexibility in mind.

Save money.

Cost reduction via implementation of automated selling and after selling processes.


Save time. Earn more.

Increased income by saving time on customer service with the intuitive interface.


Make users happy.

Positive impact on public relations thanks to innovative design.


Right tools for the job.

Flexibility - allows choosing of the right components and functionalities for the company's budget and requirements.

Place Hyber anywhere.
Technically balanced.

Size and Weight


  • 189,3 cm
  • 74,52 inches
  • 1893 mm
Width (from front):
  • 54,7 cm
  • 21,53 inches
  • 547 mm
  • 55,9 cm
  • 22 inches
  • 559 mm


Polish & English (soon multilingual)